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Travel guides are full of comprehensive data, but what you really need is the upshot: highlights and hints tailored to your interests, your intentions, and any restrictions you need to work around. Your time is valuable, so get the Upshot: your inimitable slice of Colorado. Residents are just as likely to use the service as those from other states.

For just $40, I provide a lively report within 24 hours, listing at least 20 suggestions - often more. Many of these are unusual ideas you won't find elsewhere. Rush ($50 - 12 hours) and Premium Rush ($60 - 6 hours) services are also available. 

Every month, I'll choose the best feedback (useful info, not praise), and send that client $50. Yep - that means you might get the service for free. If you're coming through Boulder, you can get additional intelligence (?) by buying me a meal (slow food, please). Feedback is an important part of the business, and will determine future services.

Here's how it works:

  1. Fill out the form or send an email message telling me who you are, what you have in mind, and what constraints you're working with.
  2. Send a check to the below address. (This is only necessary during the proof-of-concept phase. Soon, you'll be able to pay on-line.)
  3. Receive your personalized report within the specified time.
  4. Email me, either before you leave or while you're in Colorado -- just to clarify anything and ask questions.
  5. During or after your trip, provide feedback via the form or by email. This enters you in the monthly drawing.

For more information, and to get quick access to lots of Colorado stuff - including ongoing sweepstakes entries, please check out the FaceBook page: FB Upshot Travel. There you can engage in dialog about Colorado and post feedback or memories of great triips.

So who am I? A fourth-generation Coloradan who's seen a lot of the world, but a lot more of Colorado. A geologist and hot spring expert. A writer. A guy who's big on storytelling, teamwork, kids, and dogs. At an early age, I decided that Colorado is my country. I don't know everything, of course, but can draw on a huge database of experience, several long shelves of unusual books on the subject, and a network of far-flung spies. For more information about me, just click around on this Web site, and/or see Locuto.

Upshot taps you into a rich vein of creativity: stories, geology, history, aesthetics, and insights into the characters who roam this rugged terrain. Your report is not s simple regurgitation of easily-Googled facts. It's a tailor-made assemblage of verbiage and clickable links, including quotes, poems and other odd tidbits. The intention is to get you to the heart of what you're seeking. Jasper and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kevin Patrick McCarthy
kpmc at locuto.com

733 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80302

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