Tara Waters Lumpkin, Ph.D, Founder & President, Voices for Biodiversity: Kevin continually demonstrates what clear, fresh thinking and a strong concern for the needs of the reader can bring to one's work.

Reg Saner, poet, essayist, professor emeritus: Kevin's poetry delves themes dear to my heart and the hearts of all who care about our species' kinship with the natural world.

Lawrence Eson, Ph.D., Celtic mythologist and instructor of English and Irish Studies: I have never ceased to be impressed with Kevin's breadth of knowledge on many diverse topics, his quick wit and clear articulation of numerous complex issues that face today’s society, and his uncanny ability to translate his knowledge of a contemporary, pressing problem into a logical and practical solution, in both oral and written form. In my eyes, Kevin is a true Renaissance man, one who understands the broader implications of the issues he addresses — the Big Picture, as the current phrase goes — and is able not only to explicate in lucid layperson’s terms the scope and boundaries of the subject at hand, but also get at the heart of its meaning — always in a very human and compassionate manner and to suggest a reasonable and workable course of action.

Hilary Lane, freelance journalist and dog trainer: Kevin has helped me with my work in a big way; I would never have succeeded without his suggestions. He is imaginative, collaborative, poetic, visionary, and insightful a joy to work with, and I always look forward to reading his latest material.

Kathleen Cain, author, essayist, and poet: I admire the keen and original thinking that Kevin brings to his essays. Aside from being one of the most intelligent people I know, Kevin is also one of the funniest, kindest, and bravest. He has been willing to put his personal life on the line for his art and the work he believes in.

Chuck McCoy, monotype artist, graphic designer at the Arvada Center: I’ve known Kevin for over four decades and in that time I’ve seen a consistent passion for the written word and wordplay, a researcher’s curiosity for facts and history and the ability to edit and elicit a concise version of the regular man’s sense of the world.

Pat Wagner, educator, trainer, writer, and consultant: I've known Kevin since 1982 and consider him one of the most competent, productive, and ethical writers I know. He is eloquent, hard-working and very committed. I had the privilege of working for him editing book manuscripts, and I learned from him more than I had gleaned from my college classes in writing. Decades of experience and a good guy.

Marj Hahne, writer, educator, and editor: I was very energized by Kevin's presentation because I like to take away something that has value both inspirationally and pragmatically. His clear preparation and organization communicated his commitment to delivering the best presentation possible, which in turn communicated his respect of the audience's time and intelligence. Kevin's walk aligns with his talk, no pretense. Everything about his handout was creative -- the color, the language, the formatting -- and consistent with who he presents himelf to be. It didn't smack of "too cute" or self-indulgent, or anything like that -- just full-out, authentic self-expression, a mix of nuts-and-bolts and wacky intelligence, and it worked!

Randy Russell, Associate Professor of English: Of all the various intellects with whom I frequently come into contact, Kevin is certainly one of the most highly qualified by his singularly broad range of talents, interests, and accomplishments. As writer, poet, dramatist, screenwriter, or essayist, he can seemingly do all that the writing craft might ask of him. Another talent that garners lesser attention is his exceptional skill as a keenly perceptive and magnanimous editor in the service of championing the documents of others.

Richard Holt, President, Geothermal Science, Inc.: Kevin is a talented writer and a creative thinker, and he also knows geothermal. Kevin brings a positive energy and enthusiasm to his work, and is definitely one of the good guys in this world.

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