(low-KEW-toe, from loqui, "to speak out")


Kevin McCarthy has been a gymnast, geologist, critic, environmentalist, naming specialist, and technical writer. These days, he's primarily a poet, editor, dramatist, and animal communicator.

Just one famous McCarthy is a relative: Justin Huntly, who wrote the play, If I Were King. The 1938 Ronald Colman film is worth watching.

Years ago, Kevin suggested "Locuto" as a name for a linguistics company. When it wasn't used, he decided it was too good to waste. He's been trying to live up to the smartypants alter-ego ever since.

Kevin can't serve food without endangering lives, but is massively useful in helping others write, name, plan, analyze, synthesize, and articulate. He's written on a wide range of topics, and occasionally speaks on the following:

  • Dogs
  • Geology
  • Colorado
  • Hot Springs
  • American Film
  • Irish Literature
  • American Music
  • Amateur Forestry
  • Corporate Poetics
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Names and Meanings
  • Creativity and Commerce
  • Storytelling Fundamentals
  • Mythic Choice and Renewal
  • American Transcendentalism
  • Business Writing for Engineers
  • How to Write Artist's Statements
  • Survival Strategies for Imaginists

Kevin McCarthy
22 at locuto.com

PO Box 96
Rollinsville, CO 80474


Office: 303 447 0275

Cell: 303 442 9963

NOTE: Please avoid texting Kevin. The land line cannot properly receive them, probably because of the screening greeting. Kevin's DumbPhone can receive texts, but it does not work at his home office. You may text him at the cell number if you know he's in town. If texting is your raison d'être, you can use Patricia's cell: 888-6394.

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