Hot Springs

A Natural History of Hot Springs won a best paper award at the Geothermal Resources Council Annual Meeting in Reno in 2008.

Taking the Waters appeared in the 1984 Daily Planet Almanac, which was published by trend forecaster Kim Long.

Hot Spring Lore appeared in the 1983 Daily Planet Almanac. It was my first published creative work.

Geothermal Energy 

Inside Out: The Story of Geothermal Energy (Constructora y Perforadora S. A. de C. V., 2009) -- (NOTE: It will probably take your system a minute or so to download this big PDF. But it's worth the wait!) Most of the credit for this gorgeous coffee table book belongs to a very talented production team.

The following geothermal publications are long out of print, but can still be found in some libraries:

Geothermal Resource Assessment of The Animas Valley, Colorado (with Ted G. Zacharakis and Charles D. Ringrose) , Colorado Geological Survey Resource Series 17, 1982

Geothermal Resource Assessment of Hartsel, Colorado (with Ted G. Zacharakis and Richard H. Pearl), Colorado Geological Survey Resource Series 18, 1982

Helium and Ground Temperature Surveys at Steamboat Springs, Colorado (with Josh Been, G. M Reimer, C. Gilbert Bowles, and D. G. Murrey), Colorado Geological Survey Special Publication 21, 1982

Geothermal Implications of Warm Mine Water Drainage at Lake City and Cripple Creek, Colorado, Colorado Geological Survey Open File Report 82-5, 1982

Geothermal Task Force Final Report to the Oregon Alternative Energy Development Commission (with Walter Youngquist, Eliot Allen, Richard Bowen, Jack Churchil, George Flitcraft, Paul Howe, Don Hull, Carol Long, Herb Waits, John PIttz, Rodney Wimer, Paul Lienau, and Debra Justus), Oregon Department of Energy, 1980

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