In vital recognition of the latest victims of American gun culture, additional information on the topic is warranted:

- Duck The Fonald now wants to arm schoolteachers. Here's perspective on that idea from a sane country: BBC - On Arming Schoolteachers.

- An excellent short video that illustrates the explosion of mass shooting deaths in the US: BBC - How Mass Shootings in the US Are Getting Worse.

- A piece Kevin wrote on the topic a few years ago, which includes lots of statistics: Point Blank: Gun Rhetoric and Recoil.

- "Until there's alternative political funding that's not from the NRA, there won't be any change.": One mother, two gun attacks.

- A quote: For as man is the best of the animals when perfected, so he is the worst of all when sundered from law and justice. For unrighteousness is most pernicious when possessed of weapons ... Aristotle, Politics

- A poem:


Flags fluttering low again,
shame-faced, the poles
half wasted

The crippled display kills
our frolic, its patriotism

New murders!

Not the onesie, twosies
that roll in with every
meal, but the gory feasts
we favor now

See how we slay with
righteous terror, then
flaunt the crimes in
low-slung banners

The demeaning clear

Each star now nailed to
a vomiting barrel thrust
everywhere by a petulant

tut-tutting that gut-
punching, ubiquitous
slaughter is some liberty

The freedom to
murder on a whim

While withering standards
enfeeble, every sprawled
body bleeding us all, we

know the names of life
extinguishers as once we
knew the names of heroes

Give me liberty or
give me death

said Patrick Henry, for
they must not be the same

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